FLEXA – Fire, water damage, theft, operating loss

Why subscribe?

  • Even though fire insurance is mandatory (SONAS), it is always better to have an international broker to be certain of being compensated for optimal coverage.

FLEXA = Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Aerial devices.

  • Fire and lightning. Requires the verification of the legal equipment of the company in terms of protection against fire and anti-lightning.
  • Aerial devices: falling branches or anything that can fall from the sky.


  • Water damage. Floods, infiltrations.
  • Political risks: covers the damage caused by riots, looting. Expensive alone, but much more economical when integrated into FLEXA.
  • Business Interruption – Operating Loss
    Reimburses operating costs in case of accidental interruption of the activity: wages, rents, loans, etc.
  • Machinery Breakdown. Specific to industrial and mining companies. Covers the costs of repairing or buying a new machine in the event of a breakdown.
  • Theft: burglary, theft of goods or cash.

How is the premium calculated?

  • The value of the assets, the nature of the products stored and the activity of the company.
  • The premium is annual