Medical evacuation ORACLEMED

2 Formulas : 

  1. Evacuation / Simple hospitalization. 
    In case of accident or serious illness, the insured is evacuated to South Africa for treatment. Once stabilized, the patient is repatriated to the DRC. In the case of expatriate workers, they can be brought back to their country of origin where their care is covered by their social security cover (OSSOM, CFA, etc).
  2. The Silver range.
    A comprehensive coverage that supports all care until healing. It covers both the care, treatment and hospital costs in the DRC (minor risks) as well as emergency evacuation with hospitalization in South Africa (major risks).
    2 geographical areas for Silver :
    Silver Africa covers care until complete cure only in Africa.
    Silver Worldwide covers care until complete healing worldwide (except USA and Canada).

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How is calculated the yearly insurance premium ?

  • The company can insure the entirety of its workers or determine a number of workers to be covered.
  • In the case where the company overs all its staff, the premium is calculated on the total number of workers.
  • For a number less than 10 persons, the premium is calculated individually according to the age of each individual.
Medical consultation with medical prescription and care
Observation and hospitalization: 120h- 5 days (room with 2 beds)
Normal delivery, (eutocic), obstructed labor and caesarean delivery (7 days to 10 days)
Hospitalization > 5 days
Urgent evacuation to RSA
Paediatrics, obstetrics and Gynaecology, Surgery and Internal Medicine
Ophthalmology, Dermatology, ENT, Dentistry
Neuropsychiatry and Neurosurgery on appointment RSA WORLD
Mandatory check up and physical test
Routine laboratory tests: Blood count, Palidism,Widal, Biochemistry
Direct stool analysis
Cytobacteriological examinations of urine, biochemistry
Vaginal smear , urethral and Pregnancy test
Special laboratory tests : Ziehl on sputum, LCR, Liquid effusion
Spermogram (sperm analysis) and Prenuptial test
Total bilirubin, direct and indirect
Culture: Culture, stool culture
Acid phosphatise, Alkaline phosphatise, Rivalta
others on request of the physician
Haemoglobin electrophoresis, Electrophoresis of protein,Blood electrolyte.
Routine – X ray : skull, spine, chest, pelvic, upper and lower limbs…
Gynaecologic and obstetrical ultrasonography
X-ray : Abdominal and pelvic
Echography Abdominal and pelvic
Abdominal ultrasound: abdominal-pelvic-bladder and prostate
Heart ultrasound: ECG
Heart ultrasound: EEG
Ultrasound: spleen liver, kidneys, thyroid
Scanner PET, CT and MRI (on appointment) RSA WORLD
Small Surgery: Simple Suture of linear wound, abscess, boil …
Surgical -Proceedings: hernia cure, appendectomy…
Professional -Technique: infiltration and others.
Blood -Transfusion complete
Surgical -Proceedings: Kystectomie, osteosynthesis
Burn victim RSA WORLD
Speciality, dialys RSA WORLD
Heavy surgery RSA WORLD
Pharmaceutical Products: prescription and issuance delivery of generics.
Pharmaceutical Products: prescription and delivery of foreign generics.
Evacuation by clinical ambulance to other hospitals. RSA WORLD
Health transfer evacuation to RSA + repatriation to origin country (patient + spouse) RSA WORLD
Full breakfast. RSA WORLD